Bear Market Ending? What Happens Now and How Can I Get In?

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History has shown that bull markets have been more frequent and lasted longer than bear markets. History has also shown that stock markets have had twice as much success following the election of a Democratic US government. Obviously, the best time to buy stocks is at the bottom but who knows when or where that is.

Bear Market Ending

What history has shown is that those intuitive market investors who started to invest or buy into the market near the end of bear markets have achieved significant gains in their investments during the following bull market.

The stocks of many companies in the markets of the world for the most part have become undervalued compared to where they were previously albeit many were very overvalued. Buying good stocks that are undervalued is what any prudent investor should be doing all the time. Since valuations are very low right now there are many market experts that are suggesting that now is a great time to be buying. Even Warren Buffet is buying US stocks right now for his own personal portfolio.

While many investors are still running from the markets the smart ones are buying up what the deserters are selling and at bargain-basement prices. History has also shown that markets usually start to rebound prior to the end of a recession, so waiting for clear signals that the recession has ended and a BULL market is in full swing is usually too late or at least very limited for the most benefit.

The correct intention and objective of investing in the markets are to “buy low and sell high” while it seems that most of the investing public always seems to “buy high and sell low” due to panic and lack of discipline/strategy.

So, how do I go about getting started, you ask. First of all most novice investors will need some help and tools along with some form of investing outlet. Today, online brokers seem to be the cheapest and there are many to be found on the Internet or through your financial institution.

These sources will allow you to get your buying and selling done along with tracking and monitoring your stocks and may also provide you with some research facilities, which by the way, you have to do on your own because they do not offer advice. The only way to do that is to deal with a full-service broker and unless you have a lot of money you won’t get in with them. For the average or smaller investors, the self-directed way is usually the only way.

Need some help with the picking and want to find stocks that can possibly give you the doubling that you would like to see? Why not use some proven tools and services that specialize in providing picks for you! Since it is such a great time to start buying undervalued stocks then have a look here and see what is available to help you get started!


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