Investing Now – Why Today is the Day to Start Investing

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Whether you invest or not, you’ve watched the markets dive in the last months. Millions in investments have been lost. But, as harsh as it sounds, one man’s loss is another’s gain. Stocks are now priced perfectly for the novice investor. Financial analysts say we may not have reached the bottom in the markets, but it’s coming soon. When it does, some are predicting a swift rise, perhaps meteoric. You want to be a part of that! That is why today is the day to start investing.

Investing Now

Here are a couple of investment strategies to keep in mind:

Be in it for the long-term: This is the successful investor’s secret. Don’t invest $2,000 this year and plan to use the returns to buy a house next year, or even 10 years from now. Rather, commit to investing that $2,000 every year for the next 20, 30 or 40 years. Long-term investors can ride out market downturns and still reach their financial goals.

Learn about asset allocation: Asset allocation is key to investing in volatile markets. It means choosing investments based on your investment timeframe and risk tolerance. For example, the younger investor’s portfolio can contain a larger proportion of stocks (known for their volatility as well as their high earnings potential). As the investor nears retirement, a switch to less risky investments, such as bonds, and commodities, is wise.

Consult a financial adviser who can help you develop an investment strategy based on your goals. But don’t put it off. Tomorrow might be too late. The only caveat is that you do not follow blindly the advice you get but think for yourself, because nobody will care more about your financial welfare than you!

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